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4 summer skincare tips

The harsh summer sun can wreak havoc on your skin. Here are our top four tips to ensure your body’s largest organ stays nourished and in the best possible condition this season.


1. Stay hydrated

The best skincare routine starts from within. Ensuring you drink plenty of water during the summer will help flush out toxins from your skin, encouraging a fresh complexion that’s bursting with vitality. How much water to drink depends on your age, weight and sex, with eight cups or two litres per day recommended as an industry average.


2. Exfoliate

Summer skin can be prone to excess oil. This is the time to exfoliate to slough away those dead skin cells and let your gorgeous complexion shine. We recommend our Five Minute Facial Muslin Cloth, made from 100 percent cotton. Use this daily when cleansing your skin for a steam bath that purifies and gently exfoliates your face, leaving you with skin that just glows with good health.


3. Use adequate sun protection

We all know that using sunscreen is important, but equally so is the need to wear a hat and avoid the worst of the midday sun to ensure you protect your skin from the harshest rays.Not only can this result in sunburn, but it can also leave you with skin that feels tired and tight thanks to too much heat and sunlight. If this does happen—and, let’s be honest, sometimes you can’t avoid a bit of sun—we like revitalising ourselves in a quiet corner with some Hydrating Rosewater Mist. This cooling facial spray rehydrates tired skin and leaves you feeling invigorated and ready to face the day ahead, and the scent? Simply divine.


4. Treat your skin when needed

If you do happen to suffer from sunburn, treat it asap. Avoid the sun for as long as you can and ensure your shower or bath is not too hot to avoid inflaming the area. You can also drink extra water during this time to promote healing and take pain-relief as needed.
For mild cases, we also love using our award-winning Rescue Balm. The fatty acids, natural vitamin A and antioxidants in this winning formula help sooth burns and relieve dry or itchy skin.