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Boutique Australian natural skincare specialist is storming China

KOSMEA, an Australian natural skin care brand, has scaled the heights of the Chinese beauty retail scene in under four years to become the number 1 selling facial oil on Alibaba platforms and adeptly tailoring products to local consumers to achieve over 300 percent growth since entering the market.

The rapid rise and scale of success for Kosmea, with products today stocked in some 2000 stores globally, has heralded an exciting next step  – announcing it has signed a brand ambassador deal with superstar boy band singer Ren Hao from the 2019 reality TV pop band sensation R1SE. That announcement alone generated 75 million social media hits.


The celebrity signing comes after a surge in sales created when a famous Chinese movie star Yunxi Luo voluntarily recommended the Rosehip Oil product for it’s “extraordinary” power of skin regeneration.


“This level of referral and interest in our product has literally seen us turn our boutique Australian based business into an export powerhouse with over 80 percent of our sales now offshore, and China has embraced us,” says Kosmea founder & CEO Marie Kapetanakis


Kapetanakis credits the genuine and consistent quality, efficacy and affordability of her tailored range of Rosehip oil based products with the success, noting the newly savvy China consumer.


“We probably took our time a bit going into China. We made sure we developed products suited to Asian skin types that were high quality and genuinely worked, and when we were ready we moved swiftly.


“We were not early in the lucrative Daigou market, but once we entered that channel for luxury brand sets we rapidly became the most popular facial oil on the China cross border platform,” she said.


A partnership was established with China’s leading brand incubator Chengmei that will also drive the Hao brand ambassador relationship.


Kosmea was the passion project for Kapetanakis who launched the first rosehip oil as an at home mum in Adelaide in 1993 to realise her passion for the relatively unknown miracle “fruit” rosehip. Her commitment to its organic production saw the product gain devotees in Australia before quickly starting the export journey to Hong Kong (China) in 1994 but it was not until 2016 the product entered the mainland China market after already establishing markets in Canada, Japan and New Zealand.


Kapetanakis says the success in China is helping the brand defy retail headwinds domestically, with the connected Chinese consumers now craving organic products and brands that offer new and different solutions to the big known brands. Discovery has been particularly strong via China based digital channels like Little Red Book, Weibo and WeChat plus the celebrity endorsement.


Kapetanakis believes the deal with Ren Hao will take this to an even wider audience than the premium space they currently enjoy and her local partners are anticipating rapid growth for the 15-product range. They have such faith in the product and brand that a bricks and mortar presence is going to be established in China next year.


The Kosmea brand is expecting continued, consistent year on year growth in all its export markets with sales increasing 150%.


About the product

Kosmea Natural Skincare products are created using Rosehip oil, extracted from the organic Rosehip that grows wild in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho, South Africa. Rosehip is one of the best sources of Omega 3, 6 and 9; a good source of retinoic acid and vitamin A. Every single Kosmea product is made using the highest quality Rosehip oil and premium natural ingredients that are integrated to work with the body’s natural equilibrium. Kosmea skincare products contain no mineral oils, no artificial colours, no petrochemicals, no artificial fragrances and no animal ingredients. Kosmea is soul-care; a holistic, all natural, healing skincare that works on everybody.


About the company

Kosmea was founded by Marie Kapetanakis in 1993, having sold her family car to back the business. She bottled her original products and worked tirelessly from her home in Adelaide to build the business. With a keen focus on quality she sourced the best wild Rosehip in the world and now supports micro business programs in Lesotho, South Africa the improve the lives of women and children in the region.