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Double Cleansing – Why you should be doing it


At Kosmea we always recommend double cleansing at night to our customers. Double cleansing is the act of cleansing twice in a row. This action is an important step in all night time skincare routines particularly if you wear makeup.

Throughout the day your skin is exposed to all different environmental elements such as air pollution, dirt, and oils from the hands touching the face. If you are wondering why your skin isn’t at its best it may be down to this one simple, but crucial step in your skincare regime.

The first cleanse is required to remove any makeup, SPF, sweat and dirt from the skin on the face and neck. The second cleanse is to give skin a deeper down clean and make sure all traces of anything you were wearing on the face are removed. The second cleanse helps the products you use after cleansing to work more effectively as they are not having to work through other products remaining on the surface of the skin.

Double cleansing is a very important step that is sometimes skipped by many people who then go onto rub grime and dirt, around the face when applying, an oil, serum, or moisturiser which can result in breakouts and unhappy skin.

“The first cleanse is cleaning product from the skin, whereas the second cleanse is cleaning the skin itself.”


We recommend cleansing with either our Purifying Cream Cleanser, or Clarifying Facial Wash twice and removing the product from your skin with our Five-Minute Facial Muslin Cloth. This will prepare skin for application of our Certified Organic Rosehip Oil so that your skin can repair overnight.

If you don’t already double cleanse, now is the time to start and your skin will love you for it!

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