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Love Yourself this Valentines Day

It’s 5pm on Friday, February the 14th. Work’s finished for the day – finished for the week actually. It’s business as usual apart from the fact that you’ve spent the past 8 hours listening to your co-worker’s endless chatter about their approaching dates that evening, what they’re going to wear, and where they’re hoping to be taken to. You leave with no plans for the night… AND YOU COULDN’T BE HAPPIER EVEN IF YOU TRIED! You’ve got an indulgent night of pampering to look forward to; a night of loving yourself this Valentine’s Day.


It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, you wont have to organise an outfit, and you certainly won’t be navigating any crowds. You have the perfect night planned in the comfort of your own home. Ahhh bliss!


After a long, hardworking week, you deserve this. This easy step-by-step pampering routine by the team at KOSMEA is going to leave you feeling fresh, fabulous, and oh so loved:

  • 6pm: you’re home and you flick the kettle on to enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea. While enjoying that warming mug of relaxing goodness, you remove your makeup using Kosmea’s creamy Purifying Cream Cleanser and Five Minute Muslin Cloth. You apply a decent amount of the Reveal Your Glow Mask and let it work its magic while relaxing on the couch.
  • 6:30pm: it’s got to be food delivery time don’t you think? Pick up your phone and order your favourite takeaway and don’t you dare forget the dessert! While you wait for your delivery, light a candle and run yourself a steamy bath. Add your favourite oils while you gently remove your Glow Mask with the warm water.
  • 7:00pm: now that you’re relaxed, warm and glowing, it’s time to really treat that beautiful skin of yours. Spritz with Kosmea’s Hydrating Rose Water Mist, before gently massaging in the signature Rosehip Oil. Finish this gorgeous facial with a generous bead of Apple of My Eye Cream under the eyes, and an all-over application of Eighth Natural Wonder.
  • 7:30pm: Ding dong, your delivery has arrived! Put your feet up, turn on your favourite Netflix series and enjoy feeling fresh, relaxed and loved.
  • 9:00pm: For ultimate soft feels, apply the Rose Glow Hand Cream at bedtime and fall asleep to the gentle scent of rose that fills the room. In the morning you’ll be greeted with super supple hands, and a lasting scent.


There’s never a need to feel like you’re ‘missing out’ or not doing what you’re ‘supposed’ to be doing on Valentine’s Day. As long as you feel loved, that’s what’s important. That doesn’t mean loved by someone else either because as Steve Marble once said:


“The most powerful relationship you will have is the relationship with yourself.”


Make it happen and Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day with self-care, gratitude and Kosmea.