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How your skin benefits from Shea Butter

Posted April 19, 2021

Shea Butter is a superfood for the skin and comes from the fruit of the Karite Tree in West Africa.

We love Shea Butter!

This rich and nourishing emollient penetrates the skin layers deeply, softening and hydrating the skin which is why we use it in many Kosmea products.

You will find it listed in our product ingredients under its botanical name of Butyrospermum Parkii. Shea Butter is a key ingredient in our Apple of My Eye Cream™, Rescue Balm and our popular Replenishing Moisture Cream,


A rich, nourishing butter that softens and hydrates the skin

Shea Butter is soft and creamy and easily absorbed by the skin. It has been used by women in Africa for centuries to protect their skin from the elements, and to moisturise and nourish skin and hair.

Offers relief from variety of skin conditions by reducing inflammation

Shea Butter is a useful ingredient for relieving a range of skin issues such as itchy skin, dry skin, dermatitis, eczema and sunburn to name a few. Along with our Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, both ingredients combined have fantastic healing benefits. We recommend our Rescue Balm for anyone suffering from dry, chapped skin on their face, lips and hands.


Supports the skin’s collagen production

Shea butter has been found to promote collagen production in the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Shea butter is used in many of Kosmea’s natural skincare products. When you buy from Kosmea, you are buying ethically and sustainably sourced products. Our rosehips are handpicked by families in Lesotho, South Africa, supporting women and children.

Award winning products

After 28 years of creating natural skincare products, we continue to innovate with award winning products that our customers love and have been using for years. Our skincare is effective for normal skin as well as helping several skin conditions, and its safe for nursing mothers and babies too.


What’s your primary skin concern?

We’ve created a specific skincare routine ideally suited to your skin condition.


Kosmea’s Natural Moisturisers and Balms are enriched with Shea Butter

  • Apple of My Eye Cream™ 15mL

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  • Eighth Natural Wonder® Revitalising Facial Serum 30mL

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  • Energising Radiance Mask 75mL

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  • Nourishing Treatment Cream 50mL

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  • Replenishing Moisture Cream 50mL

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  • Rescue Balm 50mL

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