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Skincare tips for flying

skincare tips for flying

Whether you are a frequent flyer, or going on your first holiday, travelling in an aeroplane environment can have an impact on your skin. The air in aeroplanes is recycled meaning it can bread germs and dry out skin. Many of us also have a habit of neglecting our skincare routine when travelling.


To keep skin healthy when flying here are some quality tips from the Kosmea team.


Remove Makeup when flying

You don’t need excess makeup on the skin in addition to the recycled air. It is best to let skin breathe as much as possible when flying if you can. You can take makeup of easily with our purifying cream cleanser and 5 minute facial muslin cloth.


Drink lots of water

It is important you stay well hydrated from the inside so that skin does not dry out too much on the flight. Drink plenty of water and stay away from caffeine and alcohol that can be dehydrating.


Use a Facial Mist

The easiest way to make sure skin stays hydrated whilst flying is with a facial mist like our Hydrating Rosewater Mist. This gives skin an instant hydrating boost and you can spray it multiple times during a flight. It is also very refreshing and handy to use if you have woken from a nap!


Use Rosehip Oil

Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is perfect to use on a flight as it is so hydrating. It will help keep skin moisturised throughout your journey. Pamper yourself with a facial massage using the oil.


Try and get some sleep

It can be hard to get enough sleep on an aeroplane, but try and make sure you do rest and relax as stress can result in breakouts.


Pack a good lip balm

A good moisturising  balm is important for keeping lips soft and free from cracking in the dry air. Our rescue balm  will keep lips nourished as it contains soothing ingredients to plump and moisturise chapped lips, including Shea butter and Vitamin E.


Apply Sunscreen

Make sure you put sunscreen back on when getting off the plane.


Our new Discover collection is full of mini sizes of our products. All products are under 100mL which is ideal for travelling overseas. It also comes in a small, quilted carry bag which is great for keeping everything together when travelling. You can even give yourself a mini facial with all the products during your time on the aeroplane!


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