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Here’s why it’s important to exfoliate your skin

Posted April 19, 2021

Exfoliating the skin has many benefits.

  • It removes dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, encouraging regeneration of new skin cells.
  • It promotes a healthy, vibrant looking complexion which is particularly important for more mature skin as the body’s ability to renew itself and shed dead skin cells decreases with age.
  • After exfoliating, fresh skin cells below are revealed which allows moisturisers, oils, and serums to penetrate deeper into the skin and do their beneficial work.
    It increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage which helps to remove toxins out of the body .
  • Exfoliating lifts off dirt and make-up and provides a deep clean for the skin.

If you haven’t been exfoliating your skin regularly, here is a good way to begin.

Kosmea’s Reveal Your Glow Mask is a gentle and non-abrasive formula that gently exfoliates, cleanses and purifies the skin.

It is packed with natural ingredients specifically formulated to supercharge your skin cells. Ingredients such as Kaolin clay and rice flour help draw out skin impurities. Crushed chamomile flowers soothe and calm the skin while ground rose hips gently exfoliate. These two soothing ingredients work together to refine and polish the skin without stripping it of its protective barrier.

You will love the experience of using this remarkable product

The result is cleaned and nourished skin that feels hydrated, soft and beaming. It is gentle enough to be used daily but it this is too much for your skin, we recommend using it 2-3 times a week.


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