What is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and why should we avoid it?

why you should avoid SLS

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is commonly used in skincare products such as body wash, cleansers, shampoos and hand washes. It is the ingredient that gives these products the foamy, bubbly consistency most of us associate with a squeaky clean.

There are also other types of sulfates including Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and Ammonium Laurel Sulfate (ALS). They are all what makes a product ‘foam up’ and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is the most commonly used.

Why is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate so bad?

SLS is known to be a skin irritant. It can strip the skin of its natural oils which can cause dry skin, irritation and reactions. It can also be very irritating on the eyes. Inflammatory skin reaction could include itchy skin and scalp, eczema and dermatitis. For some people, continuous use can trigger a reaction as SLS can penetrate the skin making it more vulnerable to the absorption of foreign irritants. Using these foaming products on your face can also cause the skin to become oilier as it overcompensated for the loss of natural skin oils that have been harshly stripped.

Instead of using products with these harmful ingredients find a product that uses a natural foaming agent that is much safer for the skin. Gentle foaming agents such as sugar and coconut are used in our Rose Glow Body Wash and Clarifying Facial Wash to give skin a safe, sulfate free clean. These ingredients will not dry out skin or strip it of its vital nutrients.

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