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A variety of testimonials from our fabulous fans..

Happy Customers


I cannot believe the way my skin looks and feels! I haven’t even been using your product for a week! My skin feels amazing. No more itching! Just got my delivery and the hand cream is a treat like all your other products. Love that rose scent… it would be a beautiful perfume!! Im hooked on your product! Thank you again for your wonderful products.
Love them

Sue, Paralowie, SA


Hello kosmeaaustralia, I have become quite fascinated with your beauty products since you commented on my photo (the power of social media, right). But I have incredibly sensitive skin and this stuff is incredible! A true God sent! I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find it… Thank you! Thank you so very much xx Thank you for allowing me to email you. Thank you for the pain free days!

Kosmea Rosehip Oil Before and After

Darcy, NSW


For the past 3-4 years I have struggled severely with acne, it was at the point where I wouldn’t leave the house for days at the fear of being remembered for my acne or being laughed at. I tried absolutely everything under the sun from chemical formulas, to the most natural remedies I could find, I spent over a $1,000 on skin care as I was desperate for results but not even that helped me to clear up my skin. And it wasn’t until I found your Kosmea skincare range recently that my skin started to show almost immediate results, it was completely out of the blue, I had run out of my current cleanser that I was using and had been gifted your clarifying facial cleanser and hydrating rose water mist not knowing a thing about it, At the time I just liked the sound of the ingredients and thought I would give it a try. But these formulas have quite literally changed my skin, and I cannot express how thankful I am that I stumbled across these small bottles of magic, it wasn’t long ago at all that I began using these products and the changes in my skin have been mind blowing, I am so excited to have found a company that cares about the ingredients going into your skin and I can happily say I have never been so confident in my skin and in my self!!
I hope that you guys continue to produce skincare that actually makes a difference as skin is something that has shown to me can effect your happiness and wellbeing.

Stella, Victoria


My son, aged 5, had a prominent mole removed from his chin by a plastic surgeon. Over time, the scar stretched wider and became more pink. The GP had no recommendations but agreed a scar gel/oil would possibly assist. We tried Kosmea Rose Hip Oil, he enjoyed being able to apply it himself, and we used it daily for several weeks. Over a few weeks we noticed a marked reduction in the width and pinkness of his scar. He continues to apply it approximately weekly, as he grows, the scar will grow, and the oil will reduce the scar size. We are extremely glad we use the Rose Hip Oil, it is non irritating and the smell is tolerated by small boys! I would recommend it to anyone with scars.


Trish, Adelaide, SA


Our daughter started having a huge skin reaction after a trip away, we were told it was skin sores and to detol the skin, the before photos are only half of the skin that was effected ! Using harsh solutions led to her skin becoming so sore and raw ! We were then told its eczema from dust mite allergy ! My mum recommend we use your rose hip oil and rescue balm and within 2 days the scabs were gone, the itching had stopped, she was no longer screaming and this is now her legs today ! No scars not even a hint of the horrid skin pain she endured ! Thankyou so so much for an amazing brand and product that truly works and is so gentle !

rosehip oil can help with skin reactions

Mish, Australia


Thank You for your advise on the phone yesterday regarding my daughters contact dermatitis around her eyes (a reaction to eyelash glue) on both upper and lower lids. After several applications in Rescue Balm over less than 24 hours, the dryness, itching and inflammation has almost totally resolved, the skin appears moist and of almost normal tone. My daughter said her eyes feel comfortable for the first time in weeks. Previous treatments with antihistamine and hydrocortisone cream had no effect. She is absolutely thrilled.



I wanted to share my good news story about your fabulous product. After meeting with you, I went to the Mega Health store in Glenelg and purchased the Rosehip Oil and have been using it on my face twice a day since. On Friday I had dinner with friends and one of them asked me if I have been getting Botox! I was quite surprised and said, no why? And she responded that my skin is looking amazing and more youthful. I have literally been skipping ever since!! I’ve struggled with dehydrated skin for a long time now and no matter how much water I drink I still look and feel like a raisin. I am so thrilled with the results and have been sharing how amazing your product is with all my friends.

Kelly, SA


After a week in Hamilton Island, spending everday in the sun and salt water, the Rose Glow body mist and rose body lotion kept my skin hydrated and glowing, and stopped me from feeling dry and scratchy which usually happens after time at the beach. Although he will never admit this now, my partner had me spraying the mist on him as well after too much time in the sun! Also, the radiance oil and SPF 30 moisturising lotion are a dream combo and my skin has responded really beautifully to them, looking fresh, smoother and definitely not burnt!

Erin, SA


I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for an amazing product. I have suffered with Dermatillomania for many years which unfortunately left me with many scars :( Kosmea Rosehip Oil has reduced their appearance significantly. It is one thing to have a product to improve ones beauty but to improve ones self esteem, is quite another. One of the hardest things with OCD related problems is the mental torment and to have a product like yours to provide such great changes emotionally as well as physically is just a miracle! You will never know how much you changed my life. Thank you again :)

Sarah, Canada


I have to say a big thank you to your company. I discovered your rosehip oil about two months ago. I have always had hormonal acne even though I am in my early 30’s. Your product has done what no other product has done before. It has allowed me to go to work without wearing any foundation. In fact I have had my family think that I am wearing foundation when I didn’t. I have spent countless of $$$ on my skin. I even consulted a naturopath whom I paid in excess of $1000 for only 3 visits so that I could improve my skin tone but alas it did not help. I have been going crazy promoting your products through forums and FB. In fact if I didn’t have a job I love I would have begged you to take me on!

Amela, NSW


I have tried so many different cuticle oils/balms/lotions over the years, and truly your Rescue Body Cream is the best product I have used on my cuticles and nails. Loving the 20ml travel size.



I wanted to contact you for two reasons. The first being that your products are amazing. I love natural products without the chemicals and my skin hasn’t ever looked better than since I discovered your cleanser and moisturiser which I use twice daily. It has become a brand that I rave about to my friends and family because I keep getting compliments about how good my facial skin looks. I don’t even feel that I need to wear make up now. For this, thank you

Belinda, NSW


Always have a bottle in the cabinet, great for when I get a touch of sunburn. I have been suffering severe painful cracked heels over the past several months, to the point of being very uncomfortable to walk. nothing was helping to relieve the pain and discomfort and I tried all sorts of remedies……expect the best one. Finally I used Kosmea pure Rosehip Oil on my horrible cracked heels providing instant results. I can’t believe it took me so long to to use the best thing that was in my house right under my nose all along!



I just wanted to share my Kosmea story with you. I began using Kosmea Rosehip Oil when I was 18. I have used it every day, twice a day since then. I get more compliments about my skin now than I ever have, and I am 36! …Thankyou Kosmea for helping me to look young and get so many wonderful compliments on my skin! My daughter will carry this remedy on I am sure and I will slather my face in your beautiful oil until the day I die !!!!!

Nadia, WA


Thank you to the team of Kosmea…I had a major operation eleven years ago on my neck and I was left with a very unattractive scar in a very visible part of my neck. I was not well for some time after as my thyroid gland had been removed due to a cancer scare…As a young twenty five year old who had an aspiring future ahead of her, I not only was dealing with health issues, but was severely self conscious of the scar that was left behind on my neck…

A few months had passed and I went and saw a naturopath who recommended I use rosehip oil and rub it into my scar vigorously three times a day…

Within three months, my unsightly scar became white and had flattened…

Nowadays it is hardly visible…I have been an advocate of the Kosmea brand and have watched your products grow on shelves…

I have been a flight attendant for nearly twelve years and am always searching for the best products to feed my skin…Rosehip oil is by far the best…

My skin for a thirty seven year old does not look a day older than twenty five…

I am proud to be a sponsor of this company and a promoter to many of my colleagues…

Thank you to the Kosmea team. I would like to be involved in your product research, design and marketing on a deeper level as I truly believe in the amazing ingredients!

Nadia, Cairns, QLD


I just wanted to say thank you, I love your Rose Hip Oil. I’ve had a scar spot on the front of my leg from years of suffering with eczema. A friend gave me some to try and I couldn’t believe it when I saw improvements within the first 24 hours. I’ve only been using the oil for a couple of weeks but have noticed a considerable difference in the appearance of the long term scar, it is slowly fading away. I wish I had taken progress shots from the start and also wish I had discovered how fantastic this oil is 25 years ago!
I’m absolutely loving it on my face too. I don’t think I will be able to live without your product now that I have fallen in love with it!

Connie, SA


I have applied the Kosmea Rosehip Oil on my horses leg to stimulate hair growth and reduce scarring; and this is the brilliant result ???Thanks Kosmea!!

Kosmea Rosehip oil for scars on horse



In 1998 I was in a major car accident and had severe lacerations to my face, particularly around my eye area. I was flown from Bairnsdale, Vic to the Alfred hospital where I underwent microsurgery to put my face back together as my right hand side was ripped off from my skull to my cheekbone. My mother put me on to Rosehip oil once I was able to put creams/oils on my scars.

For three months I underwent constant checkups in the outpatients and the Plastic surgeons said that I was months ahead in healing time. I put it down to constant massage with Kosmea Rosehip oil. Two years later I had reconstructive surgery to align my face as it was unbalanced, again I overused Rosehip oil and massaged the scar tissue-again I was advanced in healing.

I have been using Kosmea Rosehip oil everyday since the fatal accident when my friend Gavin lost his life. I have been a permanent advertiser for your product since that horror of day back in 1998. Thanks. I would love to try a sample of the eight natural wonder, and I am going to look out for the facial cloth. Thanks again.

Lindsay, Thornbury, Vic


I was given a sample of your youth boost and was surprised how quickly it made a difference. I fell pregnant with baby #3. I have continued using Youth Boost for the entire pregnancy (I’m 37 weeks now) and as long as I use it every 1-2 days, I don’t have any itching. My skin is supple and not a single new stretch mark to be seen!! In fact, the old ones continue to fade even though my tummy continues to expand!! When I run out, I try other things, but nothing compares. I start feeling itchy and tight after a few days. So I’m quick to get another bottle of Youth Boost. Thank you so much! I highly recommend it for any pregnant woman :)

Sara, WA

Glowing skin

I am just writing to let you know that the Rosehip Oil is the most moisturising face treatment I have ever used combined with the Replenishing Moisture Cream – I have never had my skin glowing with moisture before and can’t wait to try the 8th Natural Wonder Serum (I’m not sure if I need it now though!!!). P.S. This is the first time I have ever been happy enough with anything to bother writing a testimonial – it is also nice to know that the oil is free of chemicals – I’m not sure that some of the face creams on the market should really be used on humans at all – the ingredient list can be scary. Thank-you for a great product.

Fiona, Strathalbyn, SA


Thank you so much for the gift pack of samples, which I received in the mail today after completing your online survey.

I am absolutely in love with your products! I started using Kosmea about 6 weeks ago, after I won the Discover Pack through a competition in OK magazine. As a sufferer of mild to moderate acne for over ten years, I have tried just about every product on the market in an attempt to find a solution to my problem. I have tried everything from chemical based products to natural ones, cheap to expensive and everything in between, without success. When I started using your products, I didn’t notice a change in the acne, but my skin was certainly softer. I was about to give up, when I read in a magazine that acne is an eight week cycle so I decided to give Kosmea a little longer, and anyway, I still hadn’t finished using the Discover Pack! I’m not going to tell you that the acne is gone yet, but it’s on the way My skin is so much better, I can’t quite believe it. It’s very soft and smooth and scarring from years ago is rapidly disappearing. I still have a little spot coming up every couple of days, but they’re tiny and disappear very quickly. Before trying Kosmea, the pimples where much larger, very painful and took weeks to disappear.

I can’t tell you how much it means to have found a product that works and it is an added bonus that they are natural and Australian. I am eternally grateful and will always be a loyal Kosmea customer.

Many thanks,



I am 44 years old & a couple of years ago I was looking through my local Health Shop for a good face cream, I made the comment to a friend that I should buy an anti wrinkle cream & just picked up a little package that was in the ‘mark down’ basket on the counter.

The shop assistant looked at me and said “that won’t do anything for you, if you want a good product, this is what you need” and promptly handed me a bottle of Kosmea Rosehip Oil. I took it home and have never looked back since. It was exactly what I had been searching for.

I never liked creams and lotions as they ALL always made my skin clog-up & turn oily. The rosehip oil is light and makes me look fresh all day.

Recently I traveled interstate for my son’s 21st birthday & people that I hadn’t seen for over ten years commented how nice my skin looked because for so many years I had problems with my skin & now; to look at it, you wouldn’t know.

Carol, Port Kennedy, WA

Broken Capillaries

I am writing in reply to your invitation as to the benefits of using your product, Rosehip Oil. I began using your product on recommendation of my Chemists skin health supervisor, I have had a problem with capillaries on my cheeks. After using your product for six weeks I have noticed a marked improvement not only on my face, my nails seem to derive benefits also, they are much stronger and shinier. Thank you for such a fine product.

Rebecca, East Brighton, VIC


I have psoriasis and it drives me mad, nothing seems to help. But, I decided to try out the “Skin Clinic™ Certified 100% Organic Rosehip Oil” and see if it would help clear it up… And amazingly it did! If I use it every night before bed on my most Psoriasis prone areas it really helps keep things at bay. I know if I haven’t used it as the psoriasis comes back!

Tara, Auckland, New Zealand


I have had skin problems all my life. I have recently bought Kosmea and I am amazed to see the difference so soon. My skin is glowing, my eczema is going. My skin tone and pigmentation of the skin is improving. Now I feel beautiful and look beautiful as well. Thanks.

Gaylene, Minto, NSW


Used Kosmea products on both my babies, and was recently looking for something to combat persistent eczema around my (now 5 year-old) daughter’s mouth. Saw an ad for the new Rosehip Oil and thought “this is exactly what I need”. Sure enough, after weeks of trying other natural products (some of which have worked in the past), the oil showed results within days. It is so replenishing, soothing and healing. Thank you!

Amanda, Mullumbimby, NSW


Absolutely love this AUSTRALIAN product and have been using it for at least 7 years. It is so simple to use, very affordable and highly effective. I have four teenage boys and they are happy to use it as well. I have recommended or raved on about this product to their friends and so many other people that people want to know if I work for the company or get paid. I just laugh and say try it, then you’ll know. My favourite Kosmea convert stories are from my friend who used the rosehip oil on her scars after an operation with amazing results and my son’s friend who had severe burns and scarring on his arms and he was very impressed with the results. In both cases they healed more quickly and reduced the amount of scar tissue build up.

I personally love to buy this product as a gift to myself and for my family and friends. PS Don’t be fooled by the substitute product on the market which is supposedly the same IT IS DEFINITELY NOT.

Thank you Kosmea you’re worth bottling.

Wendy, Gladstone, QLD

Uneven skin tone

Rosehip oil very soothing and keeps even tone of skin – wonderful product. Moisturising sunscreen also fabulous and one of very few sunscreens that my skin doesn’t react to.

Louise, Reid, ACT


My little girl developed a rash on her feet, hands and face and was seen by 3 doctors in the space of 1 week and all the doctors diagnosed her with different things!!! They each suggested different treatments (antihistamine cream, steroidal cream and QV cream). I didn’t feel good about doing what they said so I held off and asked my GP if it was okay to use rosehip oil, she laughed and said I can if I like but it probably wont be as effective as QV cream. That night I put it on my little girl’s red and inflamed rash and by next morning it had subsided completely, the redness was gone! I was so excited I rang my GP’s secretary and asked for her to pass on the message to her, to say that my Kosmea rosehip oil worked amazingly well!

Mihaela, SA

Cradle Cap

I purchased your Kosmea Organic Rosehip Oil following a recommendation from a family member for my 5 month old daughter- Sophie’s cradle cap which we had been trying to treat for over 3 months with no luck. I applied the oil as advised to her scalp for only 3 days and the result is truly amazing. I thank you for such a wonderful product. Many thanks (mother of 3 under 3)

Judi, Kilsyth Sth, VIC


The rosehip oil is the only thing I’ve found that soothes my baby’s cradle cap.

Mango, Willunga, SA

Nappy rash/caesarian scar

I have used Kosmea’s Rosehip Oil on both my children for their nappy rash and it’s amazing how quickly it not only clears it up, but also keeps the rash from returning time and time again. I love that it is completely natural and so gentle that will not cause further irritation on my little baby’s skin. It’s also fantastic on my caesarian scar too!


Sun Spots

Rosehip oil has wonderfully diminished the sun spots on my hands, arms and legs, also some small spots of eczema. I have now suggested my husband use it for facial rashes caused by sweating around his nose and hairline. I will also suggest my son use it on his hands where he still gets bad eczema.

Carolyn, Main Beach, QLD