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How to detox your skin after the festive season

skin detox

December celebrations can be so good for our souls, but can leave us feeling a little worse for wear. The new year is a great time to detox your skin after the festive season; here’s how we like to do it.
Use a gentle exfoliant: A gentle exfoliant can help slough away all those dead skin cells, leaving your complexion feeling fresh and radiant. We recommend our Five Minute Facial Muslin Cloth, a gentle exfoliator that doubles as a steam treatment. Simply cleanse your skin, dip the 100 per cent cotton cloth into warm water, and press onto your face for five seconds to gently exfoliate and help tighten your pores.
Indulge in a mask: Treat excess celebrations with an indulgence of a different kind. A face mask is a great way to help tired skin feel revitalised. We love our Energising Radiance Mask, made from natural ingredients that harness the healing powers of rosehip oil and calendula for a calm and deeply nourished complexion.
Treat your body too: We spend a lot of time focused on our facial skincare regime, but the rest of our body needs our attention and re-hydration too. This is the perfect time for our Rescue Body Cream to provide a comprehensive treatment for your skin. The fast-acting cream provides deep relief for dry, cracked skin and aids skin elasticity while also minimising stretch marks and being a suitable treatment for sunburn.
Commit to a new routine: The new year is a great time to start a new routine for your skin. Let your new year’s resolution be a dedication to targeting the problem areas of your skin and committing to quality products that will make you feel good. Life’s too short to not spend every minute looking and feeling your best.