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The anti-ageing properties of apple stem cell complex

Posted July 22, 2021

Stem cells have a unique ability to develop into new cells in the body, helping it to grow and replacing old cells that have become damaged. They are essentially like raw materials, from which many other cells with specialist functions are created.

The anti-ageing properties of Apple Stem Cell complex

Stem cells have the ability to divide many times to produce new cells and it is the cells around it which determine the type of cell it will become, for example, a brain, skin or muscle cell.

Stem cells are produced by the body with the purpose to be programmed into whatever cell is needed for growth and regeneration. Stem cells therefore produce specialised cells, as well as regenerate themselves.

There are two different kinds of stem cells: adult and embryonic. Embryonic cells can transform into any cell type that is needed. Adult cells can be used to repair tissues and are limited to the types of cells they are surrounded by.


How does skin develop signs of ageing?

Stem cells found in the epidermis are adult stem cells and are slow to divide, so they are slow to renew themselves. As these cells are depleted, the skin starts to show signs of ageing.

Like animals and humans, plants also have stem cells. They develop into whatever cell is needed, but plant stem cells can produce an entirely new plant as well. Scientists have found a way to harvest unprogrammed, long living plant stem cells for human benefit.

The resilience of Apple Stem Cells

Apples have been bred for hundreds of years for specific characteristics which is why there are so many different varieties. Some have been cultivated for taste, appearance, and some for both.

In the 18th century, an apple variety was cultivated that could stay fresh for longer. This is the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple, and its modified stem cells allowed it to stay fresh for long periods of time. The apple itself is tart and not very popular, but its longevity attracted attention. This rare Swiss apple is a nearly extinct variety found only in Switzerland. When unpicked apples or tree bark is punctured, Swiss apple trees have the ability to heal themselves. Once picked, Swiss apples last several months longer than other varieties. The key to the apple’s longevity is its unusually resilient stem cells.

Apple of My Eye Cream

Research on Apple Stem cells

Apple stem cells have been shown to stimulate human stem cell production by up to 80 percent. Additionally, under UV light, human stem cells died while cells treated with the apple stem cells survived longer.

To test the ageing effects on skin, scientists treated cells that manufacture collagen with hydrogen peroxide to show the effects of ageing. When those same cells were incubated with the apple stem cells, the ageing effects stopped and some were even reversed.

For a more practical study, a study was done using a skin cream containing apple stem cells. After two weeks, participants’ wrinkles were noticeably diminished, and this effect was almost doubled after a month.

Anti-ageing effects of Kosmea’s Apple of My Eye Cream

Apple stem cells are still being studied, and so far they appear to stimulate human stem cell generation, protect against UV rays, reverse damage and combat wrinkles. Apples also contain antioxidants to protect against damage and cancer, as well as vitamin C and beta carotene.

Kosmea’s Apple of My Eye Cream contains apple stem cells as well as shea butter, white tea extract, rosehip oil, and carrot extract. All of these ingredients work together to leave your skin looking and feeling healthier and younger looking. After cleansing skin with Kosmea’s Clarifying Facial Wash or Purifying Cream Cleanser, apply a small amount around the eye and gently pat into skin, morning and night. Apply regularly to see wonderful results.


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