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Kosmea says no to microbeads

Posted April 16, 2021

Microbeads are tiny plastic particles (smaller than 5mm) which are used in body care products and act as exfoliants or abrasives. They are also added as cheap fillers.

Microbeads do not disintegrate and end up in our waterways.

They are absorbed or eaten by sea animals and passed along the marine food chain, contaminating other marine life in the process. Wastewater systems are not designed to remove them either and so they cannot be filtered out. This means they end up in our waterways and contribute to the “plastic soup” swirling around in our oceans.

Ultimately since humans are at the top of the food chain, it is likely that we eventually ingest the microbeads. Unfortunately they are not biodegradable and virtually impossible to remove from the environment.


What are microplastics made from?

These microplastics can be made of different types of plastic including polyethylene, nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene terephthalate to name a few. They are usually around 2-5 millimetres in size, however they can be so small that they’re invisible to the naked eye. Many products contain microbeads such as body washes, cleansers, face masks and scrubs, and toothpastes.

At Kosmea, we know it’s unnecessary to use such harmful products in skincare and there are many natural alternatives that are much kinder to our skin and our planet. We believe in using all natural ingredients and have never used microbeads in any of our products.

Instead we use ingredients in our exfoliants such as crushed chamomile flowers and ground rosehips.

Not only do they feel beautiful on your skin, they smell delicious and have many benefits. Kosmea’s Reveal Your Glow Mask contains these natural ingredients to help draw out skin impurities and improve skin clarity.


Say no to buying products containing microbeads

You can find out more at https://www.beatthemicrobead.org/ . You can also watch this 2-minute video all about microbeads in our products and their impact on the environment.


Take care to check ingredients in your skincare products and be mindful of harmful ingredients and their impact on the wellbeing of ourselves and our planet.

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