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Rosehip Oil for eczema and dermatitis

Posted September 2, 2020

Eczema, also referred to as dermatitis, is a skin condition which leaves the skin looking and feeling dry, itchy and inflamed.

It affects people at any age but common in children and young adults

Eczema appears as a rash which may be red and blistering in children, or dry, scaly and thickened in adults. It typically shows up on the inside of the elbows, the backs of knees, ankles, wrists, face, neck and upper chest.


Management of eczema or dermatitis

Managing eczema or dermatitis is often a combination of removing synthetic irritants in skincare and household chemicals, trying variations in diet and topical applications and sometimes taking anti-inflammatory prescriptions.

The good news is that Rosehip Oil provides relief from the symptoms of eczema and dermatitis. We’ve had some proven results with Rosehip Oil and you can read some of our customer testimonials here

Used Kosmea products on both my babies, and was recently looking for something to combat persistent eczema around my (now 5 year-old) daughter’s mouth………..after weeks of trying other natural products (some of which have worked in the past), the oil showed results within days. It is so replenishing, soothing and healing. Thank you!

Amanda, Mullumbimby, NSW

Soothe itchy, dry and scaly skin with Rosehip Oil. Available in three sizes.


What causes eczema?

Although the exact cause of atopic eczema is unknown at the moment, it is considered a hereditary condition. Some articles suggest that diet and particular foods will exacerbate eczema, but this only occurs for about 10% of sufferers.

The main contributors to eczema are:

  • Environmental factors – dust, mould, grass pollens
  • Temperature changes – prolonged exposure to heat and changes in humidity can cause flare ups
  • Household cleaning products – cleansers, detergents, soap, petrochemicals, synthetic colours, fragrance and solvents
  • Skin care products – perfumed and fragranced skin lotions, synthetic constituents in hypoallergenic skin care products can still cause a reaction

By limiting contact with these irritating substances and preventing the skin from drying out, the risk of causing eczema to flare up is significantly lessened.

Rosehip Oil is rich in Essential Fatty Acids, helping to reduce inflammation.


How Rosehip Oil alleviates eczema and dermatitis

Eczema occurs in skin that is low in essential fatty acids, and dehydrated. In normal skin, the skin barrier keeps moisture locked but in skin with eczema this is compromised. This causes the skin to become tight, dry and scaly which leads to cracking, itchiness and flaking. To compound the problem, everyday skin care products contain soap, harsh detergents and alcohol that further strip the skin of its natural oil and cause it to become unbalanced.

Rosehip Oil contains two essential components which help eczema and dermatitis.

Essential Fatty Acids – Omega 3 and 6

Essential fatty acids are responsible for skin and hair renewal, repairing damaged skin and reducing inflammation caused by external elements. Our body cannot produce Omega 3 and 6 so we rely on external sources to maintain the right level of these essential fatty acids.

Rose Hip Oil has a pH balance of 5.1, similar to the natural oil produced by our skin. The high content of essential fatty acids creates a fine film over the surface of the skin that holds in moisture and prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated and scaly. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties of Rose Hip Oil help to prevent recurring infection.

Vitamin A

Kosmea’s Rosehip Oil contains the highest levels of Vitamin A of any other Rose Hip Oil on the market. We maintain the high levels of Vitamin A through our unique extraction process.

Why is this important? Vitamin A produces retinol which stimulates collagen production, boosting the skin’s resilience and quality. Our skin absorbs Vitamin A readily when applied topically.

Rosehip Oil helps to repair damaged skin tissue and increases elasticity, minimising future scarring that can eventuate from persistent scratching due to eczema. It is also effective in improving the appearance of old scars.

Add Rosehip Oil to your natural remedy kit

If you have eczema, you’ll only want simple and pure substances applied to your skin. We have had many good results with clients using Rosehip Oil to alleviate eczema and dermatitis. Read testimonials from our clients about how they found relief from eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, dry and sensitive skin.

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