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the art of extracting Rosehip Oil to produce the best quality Rosehip Oil in the world

Posted July 22, 2021

The method used to extract Rosehip oil determines the potency of its essential ingredients responsible for providing the greatest healing benefits to your skin. We are proud to say that Kosmea has the best quality Rosehip Oil  in the world, because we pay careful attention to the entire manufacturing process from plant to bottle. This includes carefully selecting where our Rosehip is grown, how it is picked and the way it is extracted.

Method of Extraction

When each step in this process is chosen with care, the integrity of the oil remains intact. The Vitamin A and essential fatty acid levels are maintained, and the oil can do its best work on your skin.

There is Rosehip Oil, and there is Rosehip Oil. If you are investing in a skin care routine to boost the quality and radiance of your skin, then choose the best quality Rosehip Oil  on the market that you can find that will deliver the benefits to your skin that nature intended.

Extracting Rosehip Oil

The quality of rosehip oil is evident by the colour and smell

The quality of rosehip oil is evident by the colour and smell. The colour of a good quality Rosehip Oil that is naturally potent is a golden amber colour and the smell is an earthy, herb-like scent. Both are affected by the methods of extraction used. Common methods of extracting Rosehip Oil include cold-pressing or chemical (solvent) extraction which compromise the quality of the oil by destroying levels of Vitamin A and other natural constituents responsible for healing conditions of the skin.

At Kosmea, we use supercritical extraction to preserve the high levels vitamin A, lycopene and Beta-carotene, along with other essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. We use the seed along with the skin of the fruit, and the oil is extracted from the rose hips using a heat-free and solvent-free process called supercritical extraction. We super critically extract our rosehip oil under very low temperatures which keeps valuable components intact. Heat, air, water and light can all affect the quality of rose hip oil and are therefore avoided as much as possible during the manufacturing process.

Kosmea’s Rosehip Oil is in its most natural state possible, which means it has a longer shelf life and the highest level of essential nutrients such as Vitamin A.

The Supercritical extraction process

Kosmea’s supercritical extraction process of rosehip oil is a process which starts by collecting the organically grown rose hips and after naturally drying them, we place them into a pressure vessel. This pressure vessel is sealed and liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) is gently poured through it. As pressure is applied, the liquid CO2 is able to remove the oil from the rosehips. This liquid is then collected and as the pressure and temperature are changed, the CO2 reverts back to a gas leaving the pure rose hip oil behind. This super critical extraction process has the advantage of leaving zero amounts of any solvent (CO2) behind with the rosehip oil and does not involve high temperatures which can compromise the quality.


Cold pressing Rosehip Oil harms essential nutrients

Cold pressing works well for products such as olive oil, but for Rosehip Oil, the process is too harsh. Cold pressing uses heat to generate friction for extraction which destroys essential nutrients. Similarly, chemical solvents are harsh and cause unnecessary damage.

The best method for extraction for optimal results is undeniably super critical extraction which costs us more in manufacturing, but is worth the end result. Our customers receive the best oil available which provides all the benefits that a Rosehip Oil is meant to.

Our process of extraction is organically certified and produces the highest quality Rosehip Oil in the world, guarantees purity and gives the product a longer shelf life.

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