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Extracting Rosehip Oil


The extraction of rosehip oil is one of the most important steps to ensuring the best quality rosehip oil. The quality of rosehip oil is revealed in its colour and smell which should be a golden amber colour, and an earthy, herb like scent. Methods for extraction include cold-pressing, chemical (solvent) extraction, and supercritical extraction.

Kosmea uses the seed along with the skin the fruit of the rosehip this gives us the extra vitamin A, lycopene and Beta-carotene which have amazing healing powers. To preserve the maximum amount of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, our oil is extracted from the rose hips using a heat-free and solvent-free process called supercritical extraction. We super critically extract our rosehip oil under very low temperatures as it keeps all the oils valuable components intact. Heat, air, water and light can all affect the quality of rose hip oil and so these are avoided as much as possible during the manufacturing process.

The most common way today to extract rosehip oil is through cold pressing but as the rosehip seed is extremely hard the cold pressing action causes a lot of friction and therefore heat which destroys some of the very valuable anti-oxidants and vitamins of the rosehip oil.

Kosmea’s supercritical extraction process of rose hip oil is a process which starts by collecting the organically grown rose hips and then placing the hips into a pressure vessel. This pressure vessel is sealed and then has liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) gently run through it. Pressure is applied and the liquid CO2 is able to remove the rose hip oil from the hips. This liquid is then collected and as the pressure and temperature are changed the CO2 reverts back to a gas leaving the pure rose hip oil behind. This super critical extraction process has the advantage of leaving zero amounts of any solvent (CO2) behind with the rose hip oil and does not involve high temperatures which may also adversely affect the natural aroma and colour of the rose hip oil.

It is an organically certified process which produces the highest quality oil, guarantees purity and gives the product a higher shelf life.

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